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2-in-1 photographic umbrella is a popular light modifer due to its 2-in-1 features. The umbrella cover is detachable and can be used as either a shoot-through or white/black reflective umbrella. Light produced is softer than the pure silver reflective umbrella. The white + black umbrella produces an effect that is similar to the softbox. 

One of the most effective and commonly used light modifier. Its 2-in-1 feature makes this photographic umbrella extremely appealing as it allows more room for flexiblity and creativity. Made of high quality materials to achieve the intended results.

2 IN 1 Black & White 110cm Umbrella

SKU: 1642-40
    • Made of high quality material
    • Widely use and highly effective 
    • 2-in-1 (can be used either as a white shoot-through or white/black reflective umbrella)
    • Light produced is softer than pure silver reflective
    • 40 inches (very good size for portraits)