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The Boya BY-DM20 is an all-in-one solution for smartphone content creators who need to record two subject wearing lavalier microphones for interviews, YouTube videos, vlogs, and more.

The kit includes two omnidirectional lavalier mics, each with a 6.6' cable to connect them to the 3.5mm inputs on the ultracompact mini mixer and analog-to-digital converter unit. The mixer attchaes to clothing via a belt clip and features a USB type-C output. Three 1' USB cables are supplied: one with a USC type-C connector for Android phones, a second with a Lightning connector for iOS devices, and a third with a USB type-A connector for computers.

The tiny mixer unit features independent gain adjustments for the mics so you can set the proper levels for each speaker. A 3.5mm output is on the bottom for headphone monitoring, with a switch that toggels between monitoring the input from the mics or playback from your device. The unit's stereo/mono swtich allows you to record a single lav to both sides of the stereo track or only to one side if you prefer. When using both lavs, the swtich will mix them together in mono or separate them to individual tracks.

The kit also includes two lapel clips for the lavalier mics and two foam wind screens to help reduce wind noise along with a hard-shell carrying case.

BOYA BY-DM20 2-Person Recording Kit with Lavalier Mics for Smartphone