Upgrade the sound capture quality of your Android smartphone or tablet while keeping your rig simple and straightforward with the BOYA BY-M100UC ultracompact condenser microphone. At approximately 3" long, this diminutive and extremely lightweight mic can be added to your setup and remain nearly unnoticeable. Since it runs on bus power from your device and has no controls to configure, it provides truly easy plug-and-play operation. The built-in A/D converter operates at 16-bit / 48 kHz resolution for compatibility with most recording and streaming programs.

The body of the mic features a USB Type-C male connector, which can be plugged directly to the USB Type-C port on your Android smartphone or tablet. This allows the BY-M100UC to bypass the need for mounting accessories and audio cables. The mic head rotates up to 180 degrees for quick and optimal positioning. Affix the supplied foam windscreen to lessen noise from breezes and fans.

For Android Smartphones and Tablets

The BY-M100UC features a USB Type-C connector attached to the body of the mic, allowing it to connect directly to the corresponding USB Type-C port of an Android smartphone or tablet.

Plug-and-Play Operation

Since it runs on bus power supplied by your device, the BY-M100UC requires no batteries for operation. Also, it has no switches, buttons, or dials to configure.

Omnidirectional Condenser Capsule

By utilizing a condenser capsule with an omnidirectional polar pattern, the BY-M100UC microphone is able to capture sound from all directions. Its 50 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response enables full-spectrum recording for speech and ambient sound.

Rotating Head

Thanks to the adjustable head, which rotates up to 180 degrees, the mic is easy to position.

Built-In A/D Converter

The built-in A/D converter operates at 16-bit / 48 kHz resolution to lossless digital audio recording and compatibility with most audio/video apps.

Foam Windscreen

Slip on the supplied foam windscreen to reduce noise caused by breezes or fans.

BOYA BY-M100UC Ultracompact Condenser Microphone with USB Type-C Connector

    • Vlogger, Run & Gun, Mobile Journalist
    • For Android Smartphones and Tablets
    • Omnidirectional Condenser Capsule
    • Captures Sound from All Directions
    • USB Type-C Connector
    • 16-Bit / 48 kHz Digital Resolution
    • Requires No Batteries or Charging
    • 180° Rotatable Mic Head
    • Ultracompact and Lightweight
    • Included Windscreen Lessens Wind Noise