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Having a scratched or marred camera screen interferes with your picture taking. Keep your screens in good condition with a high-quality Screen Protector.Plus, it's also removable: it is designed to not leave residue on the screen.

- Use a 0.5 ultrathin optical glass with at least 90% transmittance and the image is displayed when applied
- With special treatment, its hardness and durability is close to or as high as mohs scale 8H, preventing the LCD screen from being rubbered and scraped
- Except the round framing eyepiece, have added anti-fog eyepiece so that it combine the function with anti-fog and anti-dust
- The frame design of black ABS can match well with the camera
- With the connection of push-pull type or bayonet fixing, it is easy to install and remove

Canon 3.5" Optical Tempered Glass LCD Screen Protector

RM58.00 Regular Price
RM38.00Sale Price