CVM-V03(SIG.LAV) lavalier omini-directional microphone, the product is mainly designed for GoPro sporting camera, Cellphone as well as DSLR Camera/Camcorders. It’s a professional power-drived(which can efficiently assist to decrease the background noise) wired and lavalier microphone.

COMICA CVM-V03 Lavalier Microphone

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    • Universal for Smartphone, DSLR Camera and GoPro
    • +10dB dB Adjustment, Optional and Flexible
    • Power Indicator Design, Simple Operation
    • Omni-directional Super—Shield Mic—head, Perfect Sound Volume
    • Built-in Metal Shield and Power-drived Control to Efficiently Decrease Noise
    • CR2032 Battery Design, Simple Operation
    • Precise Design and Convenient Carrying