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Comica STM-USB


The STM-USB USB Microphone from Comica is a cardioid, side-address USB microphone that is capable of capturing audio in up to 16-bit / 48 kHz resolution. It has an integrated headphone amplifier and 1/8″ stereo headphone jack that allows for monitoring. The Directional Switch button allows you to change the polar pattern to either cardioid or bi-directional. This makes it usable with both one or two voices at the same time. The STM-USB is ideal for podcasting, vlogging, and live streaming.


Included with the mic are a pop shield, a tripod desk stand, a ring mount, a 48-inch long USB cable and USB-C cable, and a storage pouch.

Please note that live streaming is only compatible with PC and Mac.

Comica STM-USB Versatile USB-A/USB C Condenser Cardioid Microphone

    • 16mm Gold-Plating Condenser Mic, Professional Studio Quality
    • Cardioid/Bi-directional Multiple Pattern Selection
    • Gain Control, Muting, Real-time Monitor Functions
    • Adjustable Audio Recording Direction
    • 20Hz-20KHz Frequency Response and Widely Used for Various Situations
    • USB-C Interface Design, Universal for Computer and Phone
    • USB-A Cable for Use with PC or Mac
    • Detachable Pop-Shield Design to Efficiently Filter Airflow
    • Metal Housing for Excellent Shielding
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