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This premium 58mm wide-angle lens 0.5x magnification for cameras and camcorders. lens will multiply angle view of digital / video cameras 0.5 times, which is more than two times the angle of view of the camera. it's great for landscapes or recording in situations where where a little creative curvature of field wanted for a certain style. This unique lens works on all cameras and camcorders with 67mm size Lens Filter theme! This excellent lens can be divided into two parts (unscrewed): macro part and wide angle part. so you can use it both ways: like macro lens (without wide angle part) and like wide angle with macro together! this is a very unique feature of this lens for its price. so for the price of only ONE lens you are getting TWO!

D optics 0.5x58mm Wide Angle Lens With Macro

SKU: 2781
RM390.00 Regular Price
RM165.00Sale Price
    • A built-in macro lens for extreme close-up shots
    • Digital SLR Pro Lens
    • Professional High Definition: PHD Lens reduces flare and ghosting caused by reflections
    • Special Element Frame: Special matte brushed aluminum frame reduces reflections & optimized photography
    • Rim premium Glass: High quality glass frame reduce the reflection of light around the edge of the lens
    • Infrared Compatible: For high resolution day and night recording
    • Back lens Threads Size 58mm
    • AF / Infrared Compatible
    • High quality crystal optics
    • Multi-Coated
    • Autofocus
    • Fully automatic
    • Perfect for any type of photographic situation