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120 high-power LED bead lamp evenly distributed in the box.

There are thousands of particles in the reflective tissue box, they uniformly diffuse everywhere in the box, because the light intensity is strong and uniform distribution in the box, no dark corners during the filming of a product, realize the actual free lighting.

Digicolor Product Case LED Light Box Photo Shotting 70x70cm

SKU: 1665
RM680.00 Regular Price
RM450.00Sale Price
  • 1. Standard color temperature: 5500 K color temperature makes the photo color pattern.

    2. Easy to Shoot: Press the switch comes built-in constant soft illuminant, no need to adjust lighting, portable with highly bright shooting effect.

    3. Easy maintenance: Delicate and paper plates white background. Clean the powder with a damp cloth or ethyl alcohol.

    4. Durable: durable material for years, do not worry about any scratching, deformation or fade, 8000 hours lamp life.

    5. Amazing shooting effect: High density white soft light without shadow, easy to match with any background paper and camera (adjust with the appropriate lighting exposure).

    Perfect for items such as Jewelry, toys, electronic products, cosmetics and so on. (Items no more than 65% shooting space)

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