Product Description

  • Outside Dimensions/mm: W425*D370*H880mm
  • Packaging size/mm: W480*D425*H935
  • Power: 12W
  • Weight: 20.15kg

Highlight Features

  • Digital Dry Cabinet for 120L Volume
  • Delicate and exquisite outlook.
  • Protect valuable products from humidity.
  • Extend life span of product.
  • Electricity saving and stable.
  • Comes with removable trays.
  • High quality LCD panel display.
  • 5 Years warranty


Relative Humidity Chart

Relative humidity Protect scope
60%-55%   Carbon paper, fax paper, uniques, pictures, money, stamps, printed paper etc
45%-35%  Metal without iron, semiconductors, circuit board, tungsten wire, IC card, batteries etc
35%-25%  Precise measures, optical apparatus, electricity, detector, lens, medical material, etc
25%-15%  Special chemical material, medical apparatus, sample, seeds, pollen etc


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