Screen protectors help protect the LCD viewing screen on your digital camera or camcorder. We offer many sizes to fit different cameras.

This Protector is a product compared to the PVC material screen protector. The thickness of the glass is only 0.5mm in which the level of transparency is guaranteed. Special coating has been applied to strengthen the LCD screen protector in order to prevent it from scratches. It provides high level protection for your camera LCD screen. The nice thing about installing a non-bendable screen protector is you won't have to deal with air bubbles. Just line it up, press it flush, you are all set. No bubble problems.

GGS LCD Glass Screen Protector For Nikon D300 D300S

RM58.00 Regular Price
RM35.00Sale Price
    • It is rigid and made of optical glass material, which achieves more than 90% of transmittance (higher than plastic LCD screen protectors), thus making the LCD screen clear.
    • Only 0.5mm thick with 6 layers of coatings and UV Protection.
    • Optical glass strengthened through special crafting process.
    • Prevent scratches, collisions and moderate impact to the LCD screen.
    • It can be removed and reused if the glue layer hasn't been damaged.