Ideal for use overhead or to raise the ambient illumination level, the 26.6" diameter Collapsible Lantern Softbox from Godox has the same omni-directional quality of light as the "China Balls" of yore but is built with durable materials and has accessories such as an optional skirt set to control the 270° beam spread. The Lantern has a Bowens mount that fits Godox lights such as the SL150 II, UL150, and VL series, but it is also compatible with many other lights that use this popular mount.


  • Beam spread is 270° for soft omni-directional light quality
  • Bowens mount is widely compatible
  • Fast, simple setup
  • Optional skirts for beam spread control

Godox CS-65D Collapsible Lantern Softbox (26.6")

    • 270° Beam Spread
    • Popular Bowens Mount
    • Optional Skirts to Control Light Radius
    • Use on LED or Strobe Lights
    • Sets up in Seconds, Includes Carry Case
  • Item Type 25.6" Lantern Softbox (Rounded Shape)
    Interior Color White (Translucent)
    Light Compatibility Includes Speed Ring with Bowens S Mount
    Quick Open Type Click/Locking Type
    Accepts Grids Yes (Not Included)
    Removable Front Face No
    Interior Baffle Yes
    Light Loss/Gain 1-Stop Loss
    Materials Fabric
    Dimensions ø: 25.6" / ø: 65 cm