UV Filter HOYA 77mm
PRO1 series

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UV PRO 1 - filters tempered glass with a thickness of just 1mm in the housing 3mm.
Filter design prevents vignetting and reduces weight by approximately 40%.

UV Super HMC series provides very high immunity to reflections, which allows to obtain high quality images even at full aperture.
Filter has 12 layers of antireflection coatings on each side, so that the light transmission reaches 99.7%.

UV filter absorbs ultraviolet radiation, which often causes fogging and makes outdoor photographs are blurred. It is especially visible in the mountains.

The filter does not cause loss of light is recommended so as to protect the lens for digital and analog camera. It protects the optics from scratches, dust, fingerprints, etc.

UV is also an excellent protection for the lens. It can be worn permanently. It is suitable for lenses for digital cameras, and analog.

Hoya Super HMC Pro1 UV 77mm

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