JJC Neoprene Lens Case offers a unique protective carrying system that is ideal for the photographer on the go. The case is made of elastic but durable neoprene to hold and protect your lens. The neoprene’s thickness up to 5mm, thus provides great shock absorption for your lens. The inside also features a soft design to protect your lens from impact and scratches. The velcro allows you close the two parts easily. The case adopts a humanized design, the double lock design further keeps your lens securely in the case. In addition, there is a metal hook on the case, the hook allows you attach the case to a belt, a traveling bag or other places. .

SONY SEL 1650. SEL 20F28

JJC JN-M Lense Pouch

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  • Soft and elastic neoprene protects your lens perfectly

    5mm thick neoprene provides good shock absorption

    Double lock design holds your lens securely

    Metal hook allows for easy carrying