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MIC-1 Professional DV Stereo microphone fits for home-used DV. It is delicate and light, 2 built-in cartridges which are vertical to each other. The MIC-1 enables a natural sound pick-up. And it is with low voltage alarm indication, wide frequency, high sensitivity, and strong direction, long distance sound pick up, natural, clear and sweet.

Main Function:
The microphone can be fixed on the DV or DSLR with microphone hold and path.
The MIC-1 enables a natural sound pick-up.
Delivering a stereo sound image with superb clarity.
The pick up pattern (affecting the sound stage width) can be set to 90° or 120° according to the sound source.

Important Note:
The microphone is sensitive, don't drop it, or shake it. Keep it away from high temperature and humidity, especially more than 60°C.
It is put near the amplifier, the feedback will happen. If this happens, please put the microphone in the position far from the amplifier or turn down the volume of the amplifier.
If you change the setting of mode when you take the record, noise will occur.
If the windscreen catches the rain, it should be dried in the dry and cool place, not under the strong sunshine, to avoid aging.

JJC MIC-1 Stereo Microphone for Digital Video Camcorder or DSLR with Microphone

SKU: 3132