Travel lightly with the 2.2 lb black Leofoto PG-1 Gimbal Head, which is constructed from T6061 aluminum. Along with your lightweight tripod, this allows you to travel longer distances with your setup comfortably. The gimbal head enables you to capture fast-moving subjects with a large and heavy telephoto lens that otherwise you could not do with just hand holding the lens.

The head's arm swings back and forth and can be locked down at its required angle, and the camera platform, which is Arca-type compatible, has a height adjustability of 3.9" to help balance a telephoto lens on the head. Future setups can be repeated because of the printed scale on the side of the swing arm. Also, on the side of the arm are 1/4"-20 sockets for accessories such as an articulating arm. The 9.7" tall head can easily hold up to 55.1 lb of equipment and rotate a full 360° while keeping the horizon straight using the bubble level at the base of the head.

Leofoto PG-1 Gimbal Head (Black)

SKU: Leofoto PG1
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  • -Load Capacity: 55.1 lb (25kg)
    -Height: 9.7" (24.6cm)
    -Weight: 2.2 lb (1kg)
    -Arca-Type Compatible
    -Swing Arm with Locking Knob
    -360° Pan with Independent Pan Lock
    -3.9" of Camera Height Adjustability
    -Bubble Level on the Base
    -Swing Arm 1/4"-20 Sockets