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MECO filters are manufactured using hard surface coating technology. The hard surface coating technology provides three times the surface hardness. The light transmission rate is increased by 10%. The result is an average light transmission of over 99% providing sharp contrast and well- balanced color. The double-sided, 14 layers professional coating technology protects your valuable lens from dust, moisture, scratches and breakage, which can lead to costly repairs. The MECO UV filter is absolutely colorless and highly transparent with extremely low reflectivity. Reduces haziness or fogginess created by Ultraviolet light. Lens protector, water repellent, scratch resistance and reflection reduction. The MECO UV filter blocks the unwanted Ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight. Filtering below 350 nm UV light enhances the quality of photo imaging.

MECO-S-MC-UV- 67mm DSLR Camera Lens Filter

SKU: 3402