This dedicated 19° Interchangeable Lens is compatible with the Nanlite PJ-FZ60 projector mount for Forza 60/60B monolights. The lens provides a tighter beam and produces the brightest possible light from the Forza lights. While the additional output is a huge bonus, the biggest benefits are the creative possibilities it provides.

Shape Light

Create eye-catching textured backgrounds, razor-sharp spot effects, and other effects you can dream up.

Dramatically Increase Light Output

The 19° lens provides up to 17 times brighter output than the Forza light by itself. It's three times brighter than the light with a reflector, and 1.4 times brighter than the light with an FL-11 Fresnel.

Durable, Heat-Dissipating Nylon Construction

Just like the projector mount, this lens features durable nylon construction that stands up to the rigors of production work and quickly dissipates heat so you can handle it without worry.

Easy Swapping

Removing your existing projector lens and swapping in this one is done by removing a single screw. It only takes a few seconds and no tools are required.

Fits Inside the Projector Mount Case

The case that comes with the PJ-FZ60 projector mount has an empty slot that can hold this lens.

Nanlite 19° Interchangeable Lens for PJ-FZ60 Projector Mount

SKU: PJ FMM Lens19
    • For PJ-FZ60 Mount for Forza 60 Lights
    • 19° Beam Angle Spot
    • Produces Brightest Possible Light