The Nanlite BM Bowens Projection Attachment Gobo Set 1 is a collection of 10 gobo discs that are fully compatible with the PJ-BM Projection Attachment. It includes three separate window types: arched, double, and angled, as well as useful patterns like a linear array and other breakups. Use them to create compelling backgrounds, convincing shadows and reflections, and countless other effects.

Collection of 10 Gobo Discs

A useful assortment of windows, patterns, and grills that will add visual flare to your video and photo shoots

Includes Six Pattern Gobos for Multiple Uses

Two linear array discs, breakups, and two striking grills

Fully Compatible with Nanlite

This set of gobos works perfectly with the Nanlite PJ-BM Bowens Projection Attachment

Nanlite BM Bowens Projection Attachment Gobo Set 1 (10-Pack)

RM259.00 Regular Price
RM169.00Sale Price
    • 10 x B-Size Gobos for Light Fixtures
    • Projects Images and Patterns
    • Windows, Patterns, and Grills