Useful for softening the output of the bright LEDs and increasing the ambient light level, this NanLite Rapid-Fold Collapsible Lantern/Softbox is specially designed for Compac 100 and 100B panel lights and measures 30" in diameter. It features a space-saving design that allows for fast setup and break down. A bag is provided for storage and transport.

Softer, More Even Fill Light for Compac 100/100B

Raise the ambient illumination level with the round/lantern softbox which modifies Compac 100/100B lights

Space-Saving, Easy to Set up and Store

The space-saving design and touch-fastener attachment allows for quick setup and break down. When you are finished shooting, twist the softbox into a curved shape, then fold and pack it

Nanlite Rapid-Fold Collapsible Lantern/Softbox for Compac 100 and 100B

SKU: Nanlite SB CP100R
    • Soft Even Quality of Light
    • 30" Diameter
    • Fast Setup and Break Down