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  • Built-in LED Power Indicator on the Back of Adapter
  • Lightweight Power Adapter - Assures power when needed
  • 100-240 Volts - World wide use / Ideal for international travel
  • 12 Foot Connector Cable - Provides extra convenience for indoor shooting
  • Power cord included
    If your camera does a heavy indoor job, or you want to stop wasting your battery power when you don't have to. This power adapter is the ideal high-quality, low-cost solution for saving battery power and reducing battery charging downtime and for powering your camera and charge the battery while in the camera. Use this powerful adapter when downloading images to your computer, printing pictures, or shooting videos and save your batteries for when you need them most! This Sony AC-PW20 ACPW20 Replacement AC Power Adapter works wonderfully for the following Sony digital cameras:Alpha NEX-3, Sony NEX-3 Alpha NEX-3N, NEX-3N, Sony NEX-3N Alpha NEX-5, Sony NEX-5 Alpha NEX-6, Sony NEX-6 Alpha NEX-7, Sony NEX-7 Alpha SLT-A33, SLTA33, A33 Alpha SLT-A55, SLTA55, A55 Alpha SLT-A65, SLTA65, A65 Alpha A3000, Sony A3000 Alpha A3500, Sony A3500 Alpha A5000, Sony A5000 Alpha A5100, Sony A5100 Alpha A6000, Sony A6000 Alpha A6300, Sony A6300 Alpha A6500, Sony A6500 Alpha A7000, Sony A7000 Alpha 7, A7 Alpha 7R, A7R Alpha 7S, A7S Cyber-shot DSC-RX10, DSCRX10, RX10

ACPW20 FW50Dummy ( NP FW50Dummy BATTERY ) AC POWER Adapter

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