Optical triggers can be a great additional to your studio. They provide you with the ability to trigger your speedlight using another flash or strobe light. The Cowboy Studio optical triggers are unique because they also provide you with a PC port as well. The SYK-4 optical slave trigger with built-in tripod socket is designed to work with portable flash units that have standard hot shoe mount. It can be triggered either by slave sensor or by using PC connector. It also can be mounted either on hot shoe or standard 1/4"- 20 thread tripod screw. This trigger can also be used as a PC to hot shoe adapter by mounting the trigger on a non-hot shoe camera.

Optical Slave Hotshoe Mount

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    • PC sync port at the side
    • This Flash Remote Slave Trigger for hot shoe mount flash.
    • This optical slave sensor is used to trigger flash unit without slave sensor
    • Can be also used as PC connector to standard hot shoe adapter
    • Work with most flash guns in auto mode or manual mode (TTL mode is not supported)
    • Not compatible with Minolta or Sony flashes as they use different hot shoe connection
    • Flash Adapter is compact and sturdy with a standard hot shoe seat on the top and a standard 1/4"- 20 thread screw socket for tripod on the bottom.
    • This Flash Remote Controller is optical theory making the master flasher to control remotely the auxiliary one to flash synchronously without the need of connecting wires. Because slave trigger gets its working power from the flash attached to it and therefore it is battery-free.
    • The Slave Trigger features good-looking in exterior, high in flexibility and stable in performance.