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The Slide is 1.8" wide and can be configured to work as a sling, shoulder, or neck strap.

  • One side of the strap is smooth for sliding the camera to your eye when set up as a sling and the other side has an effective silicone grip to prevent it from slipping from your neck or shoulder.
  • The four included anchor points attach and detach from the strap with a single hand and can be left on the eyelets so you can easily switch between cameras while shooting.

Peak Design(SL-AS-3)Slide Camera Strap (Ash Gray)

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  • Key Features

    • Use as Sling, Shoulder, or Neck Strap
    • Holds Pro DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
    • Adjustable Length from 39 to 57"
    • Anchors Connect to Camera Lugs or Plate
    • Designed to Hold up to 200 lb of Gear
    • Reversible Smooth and Nonslip Sides
    • Nylon Webbing, Leather Construction
    • Includes Four Anchors and Mounting Plate
  • Peak Design SL-AS-3 Specs

    Strap Length 38.98 to 57.09" / 99 to 145 cm
    Strap Width 1.8" / 4.6 cm
    Material Leather, Nylon
    Weight 5.2 oz / 148 g
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