The Phottix Aristo is an infrared wireless shutter release for cameras. The transmitter can trigger the camera’s shutter remotely at a range of up to 100 metres using an infrared signal. Phottix Aristo can be used with single shot mode, two second delay, multiple exposures and bulb mode for long exposures.

The transmitter’s mode switch allows three different modes to be selected:

S single exposure – A half press on the shutter button will cause the camera to focus, a full press will trigger the shutter and cause the camera to take a photo.

2 S 2-second delay - Take a photo with a two seconds delay.

Multiple exposures – With the camera set to multiple exposures, pressing the transmitter’s button (for more than 3 seconds) will start continuous mode.

Bulb mode (long exposure) - With the camera set to Bulb mode, hold the transmitter button down for 3 seconds to lock the shutter open.

O mode – enables Aristo functionality with Olympus photo cameras (this is an additional mode, only for Olympus cameras).

PHOTTIX® ARISTO 6 in 1 Infrared Remote Control

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    • Remotely triggers the camera’s shutter up to 100 metres
    • Single shot, two second and bulb mode
    • Multiple exposures
    • Supports instant and half shutter, AE/AF functions