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This LED studio panel uses 900 LED’s to generate a large light output. The LED’s are also rated to have a colour rendering index (CRI) of 80+, reducing the effect of colour cast and giving people a more natural looking skin tone.

The panel features a dimmer, allowing you to set a brightness level anywhere in between 0 and 100%.

The unit can be powered either via V-Lock battery or with the included mains adaptor. The unit consumes just 36 watts on full power, so you can expect an operation time of over 4 hours on a good v-lock battery, on a single charge or longer when set to a reduced level of brightness.

The colour temperature of the unit is 5600k (daylight), but also bundled with the light is a collection of filters. Amongst them is a magenta and yellow filter, as well as a soft diffusing filter. These filters simply slide into the light from the top. Each light is also fitted with a set of barn doors, making it easy to direct the light exactly where it is needed.

The light and accessories are supplied in a zip up padded carry case.

The panel is fitted with a tilting gimbal which can be mounted onto any standard light stand. Please note; the light stand pictured is sold separately.


[Pre-Order 2Weeks ] Nanguang CN 900CSA Bi-Color LED Video Panel Light

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    • Model number:CN-900SA
    • Power:54Watts
    • LED bulbs:900pcs
    • Power source:12-16.8V DC, 100-240V AC,Sony-V Lock Battery
    • Color temperature: 5600K/3200K
    • Brightness control: Dimming by knob or remote cable
    • 900 High output LED bulbs, higher brightness for optimum illumination and diffuser.
    • 3 filters included with the item
    • Adjustable brightness dial
    • Socket for AC adapter
    • Sony V-Lock battery base
    • U-bracket: To fix the light panel and adjust light direction
    • Barn Doors: For better adjustment of light direction and control
    • High quality with long service life.
  • 6 Months