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**This Reflector Holder does not come with a light stand & reflector. You have to purchase a light stand separately.

Lighting effect and exposure from a reflector is nice and natural, it is one of the most affordable lighting accessories available in the market. In short, a reflector is both nice and affordable, something good for all photographers. But it is not as easy as it seems, you gotta find an assistant to hold it for you while you busy holding your camera for perfect composition. Not most of the time you can find someone to hold a reflector for you. If you are one of those that work alone, this reflector holder is for you.

This reflector holder holds reflectors ranging from 60cm to 180cm in size. Basically it holds all common reflector sizes that is available in the market. It has a mounting that mounts onto any common light stand.

Light stand & Reflector shown below is not included in the package (for display purposes only)


SKU: 1637
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