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The Saramonic UWMIC9S KIT2 2-Person Camera-Mount Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone System provides video content creators including YouTube and TikTok personalities, vloggers, wedding and corporate videographers, and mobile journalists with a high-quality-sounding, easy-to-use wireless solution that packs a host of professional features into an all-inclusive and cost-effective kit. Ideal for capturing dialogs, interviews, broadcasts, news, lectures, and speeches, this flexible system allows you to record two people talking simultaneously—directly to your camera without requiring a second receiver and keeping your rig portable and compact.

The UWMIC9S KIT2 features lightweight, all-metal components built for the rough-and-tumble world of production. It includes two bodypack transmitters and two high-quality, DK3A miniature omnidirectional lavalier mics with a variety of foam and furry windscreens for indoor and outdoor shoots. The bodypacks are equipped with dedicated, 3.5mm mic and line inputs that can be used individually or simultaneously to transmit a line and a mic signal combined together.

The two-channel, camera-mount receiver is equipped with two 3.5mm audio outputs. It comes with a variety of cables for connecting to DSLR/mirrorless cameras, professional camcorders, recorders, mixers, and audio interfaces with either 3.5mm or XLR microphone inputs. The receiver features an external mic/line input (with plug-in power), allowing you to mix a wired mic, mixer, or even a second wireless system into the camera with ease. If your camera doesn't have a headphone jack, you can monitor your sound via the receiver's 3.5mm headphone output while recording to ensure that you are capturing a clean signal.

A watertight, impact-proof hard case is provided to keep your system neatly packaged and protected during storage and transport.

Designed with simplicity in mind for both experienced and beginner videographers, the UWMIC9S KIT2 is easy to operate with minimal setup required, so you're ready to shoot right out of the box. The frequency scan function automatically searches two banks of 96 frequencies to find the cleanest frequency at your location for reliable transmission at up to 330'. The transmitters and receiver quickly sync via IR at the press of a button. Vivid and easy-to-read OLED displays on the transmitters and receiver let you make quick adjustments to the intuitive menus—in the brightest or darkest environments.

Both the transmitters and receiver feature rechargeable 2000mAh lithium-ion batteries that run for up to 10 and 8 hours respectively. The batteries are recharged through the USB Type-C power ports, which will also power the components, even while in use during extended shoots.

The system can be expanded with additional transmitters and receivers to allow up to 16 wireless microphones in use on set at one time.

Versatile and Lightweight TX9S Transmitter Works with Any Audio Source

  • The TX9S transmitter features dedicated locking 3.5mm mic and line-level inputs, allowing you to simultaneously transmit microphones and/or line-level signals wirelessly (both signals are combined).
  • The 9-step input gain control allows you to adjust your levels.
  • Connect the mic-level input to the included DK3A lavalier, a mini-shotgun microphone, headset microphone, or any 3.5mm TRS mic.
  • Connect the line-level input to mixers, music players, or any line-level device output you want to transmit wirelessly to the receiver.
  • Locking 3.5mm input connectors ensures that your lav or line-level device doesn’t detach at a critical moment.
  • The transmitter features a selectable High/Med/Low transmission power output setting, allowing users to conserve batteries and control wireless intermodulation that occurs when several transmitters operate near each other.
  • The On/Off switch can be used to mute the transmitter.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation. Use the USB Type-C port to charge and power the unit, even while in use.

Premium DK3S Omnidirectional Lavalier Mics

  • The two DK3A omnidirectional lavalier microphones are designed to greatly enhance the sound quality of your productions with their high-quality sonic performance.
  • Featuring a low-profile, 4mm form factor, the lavaliers offer a professional look and are easily concealed on camera.
  • The lavaliers are tailored for speech, delivering a natural sound with high vocal intelligibility.
  • The omnidirectional pickup pattern helps to deliver consistent audio levels even when the subject turns away form the mic.
  • Lavalier accessories include four alligator-style mic clips, two metal mesh windscreens, four fitted foam windscreens, four furry high-wind windscreens, and two cable wraps.

Versatile RX9S Dual Receiver with Advanced Connectivity and Functionality

  • The 3.5mm mic/line input with a 16-step level control and plug-in power enables you to connect and mix in a wired external mic, mixer, or audio source.
  • The 3.5mm headphone output lets you monitor the sound in real time.
  • The receiver features two locking 3.5mm outputs.
  • Cables include a right-angle, locking 3.5mm TRS male to dual 3.5mm TRS male Y-cable, one locking 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS coiled cable, and two locking 3.5mm TRS to XLR male cables.
  • A selectable Mono/Stereo output lets you control how the audio is recorded. In mono, the two mics are mixed together and recorded as an identical mono signal on both the left and right channels in your camera. In stereo, each mic is kept separate and recorded discretely to the left and right channels in your camera.
  • A selectable 150 Hz low-cut filter eliminates excessive low-frequency rumble and noise.
  • The two detachable whip antennas offer 360° positioning to help optimize wireless reception.
  • Physical group A & B power switches allow users to easily conserve power when using only one transmitter.
  • The rechargeable battery provides up to 8-hour runtime. The USB Type-C power port allows you to charge and power the unit, even while in use.

Saramonic UWMIC9S KIT2 2-Person Camera-Mount Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone S

SKU: UW Mic9 Kit2
RM1,790.00 Regular Price
RM1,650.00Sale Price
  • Key Features

    • For Video Content Creators, Vloggers
    • 2 x Low-Profile DK3A Omni Lav Mics
    • 2 x Rugged Bodypack Transmitters
    • 2-Channel Camera-Mount Receiver
    • Watertight Hard Case
    • 2 x 96 Auto-Scan Frequencies
    • Discreet Mic/Line Inputs
    • Headphone Output
    • 8-Hour Rechargeable Batteries + USB
    • Up to 16 Mics on Set / 330' Range
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