Sony AN-820A Wireless microphone rack receivers


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The AN-820A is an active antenna compatible for the Sony DWR-R02D and MB-X6 rack receiver systems. The antenna enhances the performance of the wireless microphone, extending the operating range and immunity to 'drop outs'. It is a compact unit that can be mounted on a wall bracket or a microphone stand. Normally a pair of AN-820A will be configured in the system, for diversity reception. 

The AN-820A is available in four versions, covering different frequency ranges
LL: 470 MHz to 542 MHz
L: 556 MHz to 662 MHz
M: 638 MHz to 758 MHz
H: 758 MHz to 862 MHz

  • Enhanced performance

    The AN-820A allows the performance of the wireless microphone system to be enhanced, extending operating ranges and immunity to 'RF drop outs'.
    The AN-820A is particular useful in enhancing performance in larger multi-channel systems (more than 4 wireless microphone systems).

  • Simple to use

    Whether the wireless microphone system is a fixed installation or mobile, the AN-820A is simple to use.
    The antenna weighs only 250g and can be mounted on a wall or a microphone stand, both mounting brackets are supplied. In addition, the antenna powering status is displayed by an LED.

  • Built power amplifier

    The AN-820 has a built in 10dB power amplifier to boost the strength of the received signal

  • Compatible with Sony wireless rack recievers

    The AN-820 is compatible with the MB-8N and MB-806 modular rack receivers. Typically a pair of rack receivers are configured by diversity reception.

  • Compact and discrete cosmetic design

    AN-820 is only 177 mm tall and it has an discrete cosmetric design. It is therefore easy to mount the unit in virtually any venue (ie theatre or corporate meeting room), without it being easily seen.


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