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The AN-820A is an active antenna compatible for the Sony DWR-R02D and MB-X6 rack receiver systems. The antenna enhances the performance of the wireless microphone, extending the operating range and immunity to 'drop outs'. It is a compact unit that can be mounted on a wall bracket or a microphone stand. Normally a pair of AN-820A will be configured in the system, for diversity reception. 

The AN-820A is available in four versions, covering different frequency ranges
LL: 470 MHz to 542 MHz
L: 556 MHz to 662 MHz
M: 638 MHz to 758 MHz
H: 758 MHz to 862 MHz

  • Enhanced performance

    The AN-820A allows the performance of the wireless microphone system to be enhanced, extending operating ranges and immunity to 'RF drop outs'.
    The AN-820A is particular useful in enhancing performance in larger multi-channel systems (more than 4 wireless microphone systems).

  • Simple to use

    Whether the wireless microphone system is a fixed installation or mobile, the AN-820A is simple to use.
    The antenna weighs only 250g and can be mounted on a wall or a microphone stand, both mounting brackets are supplied. In addition, the antenna powering status is displayed by an LED.

Sony AN-820A Wireless microphone rack receivers