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AR-coated protection panel for PVM-A170 17-inch TRIMASTER EL™ OLED high grade picture monitor

This accessory provides an (anti-reflective) AR-coated protection panel for the portable 17-inch monitor, along with corner bumpers to safeguard the monitor from scratches and impact. The benefit of this is significant when renting out these monitors – for example, panel damage is reduced and there is a far lower incidence of panel replacement and downtime during rental cycles.

Optional protection kit cannot be mounted together with the rack mount kit.

  • Safeguard from scratches and impact

    AR-coated tough polycarbonate protection panel and corner bumpers.

  • Easy clean surface

    For cleaning the protection panel, wipe it gently with the supplied cleaning cloth.

  • High transparency, low reflection surface

    The lightweight panel allows you to see the monitor images clearly.

  • Simple attachment/detachment mechanism

    Corner bumpers have finger/coin-tighten screws and drop prevention washers. Easily, quickly attachable and detachable on-site.

Sony BKM-PP17 Protection kit for PVM-A170 monitor

  • The (anti-reflective) AR-coated protection panel is designed to fit precisely on the PVM-A170 monitor front surface.

  • Corner bumpers hold the front panel in place and protect the monitor from accidental damage in the field. The corner bumpers have finger/coin-tighten screws and drop prevention washers. They are easily, quickly attachable and detachable on-site.

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