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Compact and connected, the Sony HVL-F28RM External Flash is a sleek and portable flash featuring an impressive guide number of 92' at ISO 100 and 50mm, along with a built-in 2.4 GHz radio transceiver to allow photographers to quickly create portable lighting setups with complete support for P-TTL / ADI metering. This flash can be set as a commander or a remote that fully supports Sony's existing radio commanders and receivers, including ratio control, the ability to work with up to 15 flashes in five groups. In terms of its physical design, the HVL-F28RM has a compact, pocketable design well-suited to the a7-series mirrorless bodies and has a 0 to 120° tilting head for flexible bounce control. Additionally, it sports a dust- and moisture-resistant construction along with a durable metal foot.

Equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver, the HVL-F28RM is able to operate as either a radio commander or remote as part of Sony's radio wireless system, including the FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander and FA-WRR1 Wireless Radio Receiver. This system has an operating range of approximately 115' and does not require line-of-sight. Also, it will support up to 15 flashes in five groups on one of 14 channels. Additionally, it has full support for Sony's P-TTL / ADI metering system, including high-speed sync and ratio control.

Advance Distance Integration (ADI) flash metering works with cameras and lenses with distance encoders to more accurately balance flash output with ambient light and subject reflectivity by taking camera-to-subject distance into account

Guide number of 92' at ISO 100 and 50mm.

Flash head offers 0 to 120° of tilting for bounce control.

Covers a 50mm focal length field of view and pull-out wide panel broadens this coverage to a 24mm focal length field of view.

Manual power adjustment is possible across 25 levels, covering full 1/1 power down to 1/256 power.

Can fire continuously for up to 40 flashes at a rate of 10 flashes per second.

Slow, high-speed, 1st and 2nd curtain sync is supported on cameras with TTL communication.

Recycle time of 0.1 to 6.4 seconds with alkaline batteries or 0.1 to 4.1 with NiMH batteries.

Improved resistance to overheating for longer and more rapid shooting sessions.

Dust and moisture-resistant construction enables its use in harsh environments and a durable metal shoe has been added for improved mounting stability.

Requires four AA-sized batteries, either alkaline or NiMH, as a power source.

Micro-USB port can be used for firmware updates.

Sony HVL-F28RM Sony HVL-F28RM External Flash With Flash Diffuser+PANA KKJ55MCC

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  • Key Features

    • Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
    • 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver, 115' Range
    • Guide Number: 92' at ISO 100 and 50mm
    • Wireless TTL Ratio Controller/Remote
    • Control Up to 15 Flashes/5 Groups
    • Tilts from 0 to 120°
    • Manual Output Adjustment: 1/1 to 1/256
    • HSS and Multi-Flash Modes
    • Dust- and Moisture-Resistant
    • Metal Foot and Rugged Side Frame

    Flash Head

    Guide Number 91.9' / 28 m at ISO 100 (50 mm Position)
    Coverage Full-Frame
    50 mm
    24 mm (with Wide-Angle Adapter)
    Bounce Head 0 to +120°
    Swivel Head None
    Flash Duration 1/625 Second at Full Power
    Recycle Time Approx. 0.1 to 6.4 Seconds
    Secondary Illumination None

    Exposure Control

    Exposure Control Sony ADI / P-TTL
    Flash Modes Hi-Speed Sync, Slow Sync
    Power Range 1/1 to 1/256 (Manual)


    Wireless Operation Radio (TTL/Manual)
    Up to 114.8' / 35 m
    Wireless Channels 14
    Wireless Groups 5


    Internal Power 4 x AA (Alkaline, NiMH)
    External Power Pack Compatible No


    Mount Shoe
    Off-Camera Terminal None
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 2.6 x 3.3 x 3.6" / 65.1 x 83.5 x 91.4 mm
    Weight 7.7 oz / 219 g
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