The Sony Compact Remote Control Tripod connects to a wide range of cameras via an included multi-terminal cable to provide convenient remote control functionality. Any video/still camera with a multi-terminal port is compatible.

The tripod rises to a height of 4.8' and boasts a cranking center column and quick release but that's just the beginning. The ergonomic handle of its fluid head is actually a detachable wired remote with hard button control power, grid lines, zooming and shutter depending on the camera in use. The flip-lock leg sections make setup a snap as does the VCT-VPR1's built-in leveler. The VCT-VPR1 supports cameras up to 6.6 lb and weighs just under 3.0 lb.

Cyber-shot Digital Camera HX400V/WX350/WX500

Cyber-shot Digital Camera HX50V /HX-90V

HDR-CX220/B Camcorder 
HDR-CX230/B Flash Camcorder 
HDR-CX290/B Flash Memory Camcorder 
HDR-CX380/B Flash Memory Camcorder 
HDR-PJ230/B Camcorder with Projector 
HDR-PJ380/B Camcorder with Projector 
HDR-PJ430V Camcorder with Projector 
HDR-TD30V 3D Handycam Camcorder 
Alpha NEX-5100/a6000/6300/6500/a7m2/a7s/a7ms2/a7r2/a7r3 /a7m3Lens 
Sony α58 Camera and 18-55mm Lens

Sony VCT-VPR1 Compact Remote Control Tripod

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