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WRT-822B/67 Beltpack Transmitter

The WRT-822B/67 transmitter is designed to be used with Sony ECM miniature microphones and WL-800 receivers. It is a compact and robust unit that can be easily concealed in clothing and has a strong magnesium alloy body. WRT-822B/67 operates on TV bands 67 to 69, and it can operate for up to six hours on a pair of AA batteries.

  • Ultra reliable performance

    Several key technologies have been ulitised in the WRT-822B to ensure stable performance, including a Pilot tone and battery alarm.

  • Flexibility and simple operation

    The WRT-822B has been designed for the real world environment, for use by freelancers and those with hostile radio frequency interference. The transmitter is simple to control and contains pre-programmed frequency group allowing it to be quickly set up.

  • Low running costs

    The WRT-822B uses standard two AA batteries and it features an internal DC/DC converter, in addition the system's 'low battery' alarm is monitored by the receiver. These features extend the typical battery life, up to six hours from a single set, so producing an impressive cost saving when compared to other wireless microphone systems.

Sony WRT-822B/67 Belt-pack wireless microphone transmitter operating