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his studio reflector umbrella is double layers one (black and Silver): black externally, silver internally.

This umbrella have two different use methods. When you open this umbrella, that is a silver reflector umbrella; if you removed the black part, that will become a diffuser umbrella (white).

The Black and White Detachable Umbrella is designed to fit almost all flash heads and umbrella brackets; This reflective umbrella softens the effect of direct flash illumination, with softer highlights than a silver reflective umbrella.

Easy to use, it is best tool for Photography assistant.

Material: Nylon, Aluminum shaft

Color: Black (Removable) & Silver

Diameter: 84cm (33 inches)

Compatibility: Suitable for all studio flash

Umbrella 2 in 1 Black and White 33'' 84cm

SKU: 1641-27
RM48.00 Regular Price
RM45.00Sale Price
    • Made of high quality material
    • Widely use and highly effective 
    • 2-in-1 (can be used either as a white shoot-through or white/black reflective umbrella)
    • Light produced is softer than pure silver reflective
    • 33 inches (very good size for portraits)
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