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Zeiss Tube Lens Spray Clean Kit consists of:
2oz (60ml) Lens Cleaning Spray
1 Microfiber Cloth (6x7inch/15x18cm)
10 Premoistened Lens Wipes (6x5inch/15x13cm)
Reusable Eyeglass Case
Zeiss Lens Cleaning Spray:
Safely and quickly cleans all lenses, including eyewear with anti-glare coating. Unfold microfiber cloth and gently brush away surface dust and smudges. If lenses are heavily soiled, rinse under water before using spray. Then apply ZEISS Lens Cleaner to both sides of the eyeglass lenses and wipe dry with the microfiber cloth.
Directions for binoculars, scopes, goggles, camera lenses, cell phones, GPS screens, and laptop screens:
Gently brush away surface dust with a microfiber cloth, spray the solution on the cloth and then wipe away smudges.
Lens Care with Microfiber Cloth:
The non-abrasive super absorbent cloth easily lifts dirt, dust and skin oils off any lens without scratching. Use a dry cloth for convenient lens cleaning. For more thorough cleaning, use with the ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray. Apply to both sides of the lens and then wipe with a microfiber cloth. Remember, the cloth can scratch when overly dirty. For best results, machine wash occasionally. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER.
Lens Care with Pre-moistened Lens Wipes:
1. Open the pack and remove wipe.
2. Gently brush away surface dust with a folded wipe.
3. Unfold wipe and gently clean surface with circular movements until the surface is clean and dry.

• Not for use on contact lenses.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Wipes and spray contain isopropyl alcohol.
• Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

Zeiss Tube Lens Spray Clean Kit

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