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Dynamic microphone, super easy to get started
The BY-BM58 is dynamic capsule inside design, it doesn’t require power for operation, and there is only ONE button to turn on and go, a standard XLR to 6.35mm cable & mic amount are all you need to use with the microphone.

Cardioid pickup pattern reduces unwanted sounds from the sides and rear
The cardioid pickup pattern makes the BY-BM58 accurately collect audio source and reduces unwanted sound from the sides and rear. It is ideal for instrument performances, live presentations, man-on-the-street news, podcasting and more. The customized frequency response makes the microphone super sensitive for human voices, ideal for the use of live performances, theaters rehearsals, conferences, etc.
All-metal body and pop-filter design reduces noise when you use
The body of BY-BM58 is made of aluminum and zinc alloy, durable and can reduce handling noise at the same time. The pop-filter can also optimize clarity of our voice.
Cable with XLR and 6.35mm connector, also with mic mount included
Compact design allows users assembling on any device with a 6.35mm mic jack easily. The BY-BM58 can be mounted with the mic mount in the set, it can greatly prevent back ground noise caused by shocking.

BOYA BY-BM58 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

RM297.00 Regular Price
RM225.00Sale Price
    •  Ideal for vocal recording & instrument performances,

      such as singing and speech.

    •  Excellent cardioid polar pattern.
    •  Isolation capsule helps reduce operating noise.
    •  Built-in pop filter.
    •  Durable aluminum and zinc alloy body.
    •  Customized frequency response.
    •  XLR cable and mic mount included.
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