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Made specifically for video content creators who demand excellent low-light performance, numerous recording options and long recording times, the new Full Cage for A7sIII builds on the legacy of the A7sII cage to keep up with a camera of this level.

Inspired by the utility and ingenuity of this camera's design, Tilta decided to incorporate new details that help elevate the camera even further. As part of the Tiltaing product series, Tilta has put together a versatile yet lightweight camera cage that is just the starting point for building a professional camera. This new cage is designed to augment and protect the a7sIII, as well as add expansion options such as the new rotating top handle, rotating side handles, ARRI standard rosette holders, and much more.

Tilta Tiltaing Sony a7S III Kit D - Black (TA-T18-D )

  • Consists of:
    - Closed camera cage (TA-T18-FCC-B)
    - Top handle (TA-QRTH-B)
    - HDMI cable clamp (TA-T18-CC2- B)
    - HDMI cable adapter (m) to (f)
    - Manfrotto quick release plate (TA-T18-QRBP3-G)
    - ARCA quick release plate (TA-T18-QRBP4-G)
    - Start / Stop cable (RS-TA3-SYA)
    - Side Handle with start / stop function and Sony F570 battery holder (TA-LRH-57-B)

  • Properties:
    - Closed cage with modular structure
    - Accessories can be attached using various fastening options
    (various 1/4 "threads, hot shoe adapter , ARRI standard rosette, NATO Rail)
    - A flexible top handle can be attached over the ARRI standard rosette, which can be rotated individually, making filming in portrait format quick and easy
    - Color: black

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