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Material: aluminum alloy


Product manual:

1. Change the caliber adapter ring, which can be installed in front of the lens to achieve the same diameter filter, hood, additional lens and other accessories for different calibers or to increase the lens aperture.


2, the adapter ring is made of aluminum alloy, black, sturdy and durable; small diameter is external thread (with lens end), large diameter is internal thread (connected with various filters of the same diameter UV, CPL, star mirror, medium gray Mirror, close-up lens, hood, etc.).


3, light and portable, easy to install, at the same time can save money, but also can improve the problem of partial vignetting;


4, the adapter ring is a small to large conversion aperture adapter ring.


The filter adapter ring size is 43-58 43.5-52 49-55 52-55 52-82 52-72 52-62 58-62 67-72 67-77 72-82 72-86 77-82 77-95 mm

Metal Stepping Rings Step Up Ring 49-52-55-58-62-67-72-77-82 mm Filter Ring