Ideal for hanging overhead on a boom, the 31" Lantern Softbox from NanLite is a near omni-directional light source that spreads light over a 270° area to increase ambient light or to provide the type of overhead lighting you'd see at a table in a restaurant or club. The Lantern comes with a Bowens speed ring that besides NanLite, fits the many flash heads that use this popular mount. The Lantern comes with a two-piece skirt to allow blocking some of the pervasive light as needed.

Nanlite Lantern Softbox LT-80 (31")

SKU: Nanlite LT FZ80cm
    • 270° Beam Spread, Bowens Mount
    • Set of 2 Skirts
    • Carrying Bag
    • Nanlite Lantern Softbox LT-80 (31")
    • Skirt Set (2)
    • Carrying Case
    • 1-Year Warranty