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Sony ECM-B10 Overview

Capture crystal-clear speech, interviews, ambience, or nature sounds with the Sony ECM-B10, a camera-mount digital shotgun microphone designed for on-the-go content creators, podcasters, and videographers using Sony cameras equipped with the Multi Interface Shoe (MI). Combining digital signal processing with advanced beamforming technology, the mic delivers superdirectional performance in a remarkably compact package that provides flexibility and mobility, even in gimbal and grip-mounted shots. The ECM-B10 offers three types of pickup patterns in a single mic. For selfies and interviews, use the superdirectional pattern to tightly focus audio capture on a single subject directly in front of the camera. Switch to the unidirectional pattern for a wider shot or if you have two subjects on camera. The omnidirectional setting captures audio in a 360° field around the mic, making it a smart choice to pick up environmental sounds and voices from behind the camera.

Sony ECM-B10 Compact Camera-Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone

  • Key Features

    • Content Creator, Podcaster, Videographer
    • For Sony Cameras with MI Shoe
    • Advanced Beamforming Technology
    • Super/Uni/Omni Pickup Patterns
    • 3.1" Compact Design
    • Digital Audio Transmission to Camera
    • DSP with Auto Level & Noise Suppression
    • Shock- and Vibration-Resistant Design
    • Cable-Free and Battery-Free Operation
    • Dust-/Moisture-Resistant, Windscreen
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