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The Sony Surfboard Mount for Action Cam features a flexible adhesive base that allows you to securely attach your Sony Action Cam to your surfboard, kayak, water skis, wakeboard or other water sports gear. The mount provides a secure platform for attaching the Action Cam anywhere on the surface of the surfboard. Plus, it includes a leash for tethering the camera to the adhesive base. This will prevent your camera from accidentally dropping into the ocean, river or lake if it becomes detached from the mount. Sony's tilt buckle is also included to help you achieve your desired shooting angle. For added safety, you can use the optional Sony Floatation Device with this mount as well. The mount works with all Action Cam models when the camera is in its waterproof housing.

Sony AKA-SM1 Surfboard Mount

RM99.00 Regular Price
RM55.00Sale Price
  • AKA-SM1, Flexible Adhesive Mount The sure way to catch a perfect wave
    - Flexible adhesive mount and leash cord for use on water sports equipment.
    - Fix Action Cam to surfboards, kayaks and more.
    - Allows Action Cam to tilt up to 90 degrees.
    - Leash cord prevents you from losing Action Cam.

  • - Made for water sports equipment - Adhesive mount has four flexible flaps with a large surface area, ensuring a strong bond on surfboards, kayaks and other kit.
    - Includes leash cord for easy retrieval - Just in case your Action Cam gets detached from the mount, there’s a leash cord to stop it getting lost.
    - Capture your best side - Once attached, Action Cam can be tilted up to 90 degrees allowing you to shoot at an upward angle from the surfboard.
    - Add a float for good measure - For the ultimate filming survival kit add the high-visibility float attachment (sold separately) for Action Cam.

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