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Teris TSN6AL Overview

Set up, move fast, and go quickly from tripod mounted to handheld with the Teris Fluid Head and Tripod Kit. This bundle includes the Teris TSN6AL fluid head, carbon fiber tripod legs, a ground spreader, and a padded carry bag. Supporting cameras weighing up to 15.43 lb, the system allows you to follow the action when shooting on hard or smooth terrain. The ground spreader folds up inside the carbon fiber legs, so you can just grab it and go, and the included padded bag holds your gear when you aren't shooting.

The head features seven steps of counterbalance for fine-tuning the system to your camera rig. Three steps each of pan and tilt drag allow you to adjust the resistance to get smooth starts and stops as you pan and tilt, either following the action or just creating smooth camera moves. The pan, tilt, and counterbalance feature a zero setting, allowing you to more easily create whip pans and tilts when necessary, or for creative storytelling.

Ball Leveling

The head features a 100mm half ball and the legs a 100mm bowl, providing a wide camera platform for balancing your rig. The ball/bowl base combination makes for quick leveling without the need to adjust the leg height.

Independent Pan, Tilt Locks, and Fluid Drag

Independent pan and tilt locks, as well as fluid drag settings, allow you to adjust pan and tilt by themselves and lock off one axis while moving the head through the other.

Carbon Fiber Legs

Carbon fiber legs are more resistant to saltwater corrosion than aluminum legs, making them an excellent choice for working on the beach or near salt water.

Ground Spreader and Spike Feet

the included ground spreader attaches to the spiked feet of the carbon fiber legs, allowing you to work on hard and/or delicate surfaces. When working on soft terrain, you can remove the ground spreader and use the foot spike to dig into the ground.

Teris TSN6AL Fluid Head And Tripod Kit

SKU: Teris TS N6L
RM2,200.00 Regular Price
RM2,150.00Sale Price
  • Key Features

    • Supports up to15.43 lb
    • Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs
    • Ground Spreader
    • Padded Cary Bag
  • Payload : 7kG

    Weight : 4.85KG

    Grades of drag : 0-3

    Height range : 720-1610mm

    Head fitting : 75mm

    Tilt range : +90°/-75°

    Counterbalance : 0-3

    Material : Aluminum

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